Amy Schumer Wants To Be A Mom Because She's Already Over Herself

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Asking a woman about her parenting plans is more than a little annoying and invasive, especially when you have no clue what's going on in someone's private life. However, you have to hand it to Amy Schumer for answering this (sometimes tough) question about motherhood in her classic cheeky fashion.
In a new interview, Schumer and her Snatched co-star Goldie Hawn sat down with Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein (aka lifestyle gurus "The Moms") to answer some questions about parenting. When Schumer, who does not have children, was asked whether she had plans for motherhood, she replied that while her "uterus is empty," she does hope to become a mom someday.
The comedian told The Moms:
"I’ve worked very hard to not be a mom," joked the Trainwreck actress. She then added: "But I’m 35, I’m sick of thinking of myself, you know? It’s just like enough Amy, who cares?"
While Schumer may be ready to become a parent herself, her character in Snatched still has some growing up to do. In the new comedy, Schumer plays the self-centered Emily who drags her mom (Hawn in the new film) to El Salvador for a vacation. Though it sounds like a selfless way to treat her mother, Emily is only bringing Hawn's character along because she's afraid to sun herself alone after her boyfriend dumps her to go on tour with his band. Fortunately, Emily and mom Linda do turn their vacation into a bonding experience — even though they also get kidnapped along the way. (Oops.)
While Schumer's Snatched may be about a mother-daughter relationship, it's not the only family movie on her mind. Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence will co-star as sisters in an upcoming movie, we just don't know when. This time, it will be Schumer who has things "together," said Lawrence in an interview with Access Hollywood. Though the film still does not have a release date, who wouldn't be excited about these two pairing up for some sisterly bonding?
Schumer is certainly busy, but it sounds like parenthood is a part of her ultimate plan. Let's hope that Hawn and Lawrence get the title of "Auntie" should Schumer become a mom.

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