Why Does Amy Schumer Look Like The Lorax Right Now?

As much as we love beauty products, we have to admit not every one comes with simple instructions. And these days, products are getting more and more niche, so unless you're someone with a VIB Rouge membership at Sephora, subscription to monthly beauty boxes, or alert for every new YouTube tutorial, you might not be in the loop on how a lot of the latest innovations work — which is totally fine. Sometimes, we're confused too. And when it comes to face masks, you're not alone. Even Amy Schumer gets it wrong sometimes... and this time she ended up looking like the Lorax.
If you've seen Schumer's Instagram lately, you'd know she's been on a press tour for her newest movie Snatched. And with all that traveling comes a lack of sleep and probably a bit of dehydration. So the actor's solution made a lot of sense: a sheet mask. But unlike the traditional facial treatment we're used to, this one featured three parts as opposed to one slimy whole. The end result? Schumer rocking a cotton mustache.
Photo: Via @amyschumer/Instagram.
Photo: Via @amyschumer/Instagram.
The star posted to her Instagram story a series of photos documenting the beauty mishap. The first showed off her multi-tasking at best, eating some food and working on her complexion. "My girls walked in on this scene," she wrote. But apparently, her friends were quick to point out the mistake: "Apparently, I did it wrong," the second photo read.
The two pieces covering Schumer's upper lip are actually meant to go around her chin and stop at the corners of smile — so basically, she wore it in reverse. But honestly, it doesn't really matter. We dig that Schumer is keeping her skin in tip-top shape while on the road and the relatable fumble is exactly why we love the star so much.
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