Royal Jordanian Airlines' New Ad Comments On Discrimination On Planes

Airlines have been making headlines recently for less-than-positive reasons, but one airline got attention Friday when it unveiled a new ad. With the caption, "Are you afraid of flying?," Royal Jordanian Airlines' ad addresses discrimination — on planes and elsewhere.
"I'm not afraid of flying," it begins, as a man with a deep voice narrates and the camera scans a plane full of people. "I'm not afraid of the risk of it." It continues, "I'm afraid I end up somewhere I don't want to go. Afraid of being stuck in a place with people who look at me differently."
As it becomes obvious that everyone on the plane is staring at someone in particular, the narrator says, "They look at me and only see a color, a name, a beard, a book. I'm not afraid of flying — but the people around me are afraid of me. People who are afraid discriminate. Those who are discriminated against, they're even more afraid."
The camera then settles on a man with dark skin and a beard sitting in his seat, getting uncomfortable as he realizes everyone is staring at him as "Don't be afraid to say no to discrimination flashes on the screen."
With United Airlines under fire after a passenger was dragged off a flight for refusing to give up his seat, it seems Royal Jordanian Airlines is trying to position itself as a more socially conscious and understanding company.
The ad could also be seen as a reaction to Trump banning travelers from certain Muslim countries. Royal Jordanian Airlines mocked the travel ban with ads saying "travel to the U.S. while you still can!"
However, this ad had a much more serious tone, and the background music gives it an especially eery feel. Watch the full video below.
At least this ad commenting on social issues wasn't overwhelmingly viewed as tone deaf and tasteless, like other companies' attempts have been.

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