Could This Accessory Be The New Choker?

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We can trace back the origin of the choker resurgence — because “trend” just doesn’t fully capture the pervasiveness of this accessory — to a festival not too long ago (i.e. at Coachella last year), when Taylor Swift declared it to be “the new flower crown.” But before the performer coined the new concert essential-turned-de facto neckwear, models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner were already incorporating this type of jewelry into their day-to-day style. As the former told Refinery29 last year (right as the choker was picking up traction) you can thank Monica Rose for that: The stylist turned the model and her other, equally influential clients to the neckpiece — and soon enough, it was everywhere.
As we know, though, all good trends eventually fizzle out — but before you tearfully pack away your early-aughts accessories, know that there’s a new jewelry trend on the horizon, according to the stylist who arguably helped usher in the great choker renaissance. “I feel like the necklace trend was so big, and a lot of people are doing body chains and more dainty stuff — but, for whatever reason, I have a feeling that earrings are going to make a big comeback,” Monica Rose told Refinery29 at Reebok Classics’ event during the second weekend of Coachella, where she was on hand to speak to all things style, be they festival-adjacent or not. And chokers may have been all the rage this time last year, but Rose has her sights set elsewhere.
As we’ve seen, the stylist does have a knack at foreseeing these types of trends — and we’ve already seen some of her clients dip their toes into “over-the-top earrings,” as Rose characterized them. “The other day, I put Chanel [Iman in] just one earring — the other one [in the pair] was different and I didn’t like it, so I just put a diamond set in,” she explained. “She had this silver mesh dress on. The earring just worked because it was different — and the whole look was about the earring. It was so cool.” We concur.
Ahead, see how some of Rose’s clients have been testing out the OTT earring trend. Will it have as much as staying power as the choker, though? Only time will tell — although, these looks do make a pretty strong case for a comeback.
Disclosure: Travel and expenses for the author were provided by Reebok for the purpose of writing this story.

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