Attention, Twitter Trolls: Do Not Call Chrissy Teigen "Old"

Another day, another tweet that makes us LOL courtesy of the one and only Chrissy Teigen. On a related note: haven't people learned not to mess with the barb-tongued Twitter queen by now?
The 31-year-old finally caught up with the rest of the binge-happy world and completed watching Netflix's new hit series 13 Reasons Why. On Tuesday, Teigen tweeted, "I finished '13 Reasons Why' and wooooooo wee I feel old."
First of all: fair enough. The show, which explores the 13 events and relationships that led narrator Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) to take her own life, takes place in high school — a world Teigen left behind over a decade ago.
But of course, somebody had to take a shot at Teigen's Twitter confession. A snarky troll replied, "aren't you?" — referring to her feeling old. And then Teigen shut it down the way she always does. The mom to 1-year-old Luna took the high road whilst totally taking down her detractor in less than 140 characters: "The best part of kids calling you old is the inner smirk that happens because oh child, you'll be right here soon enough." How's that for a biting but ~totally wise~ comeback?
Unfortunately, it seems like the supermodel's mom, Vilailuck Teigen, didn't get the memo about silencing her daughter's haters. In fact, she's been encouraging them, according to Teigen. "My mom keeps liking tweets of people hating on me," she wrote. Come on, mom. Get on board with the troll-destroying mission already. (Of course, it's possible she made a faux pas similar to Zayn Malik's mom, who says she accidentally tapped the heart on an Instagram comment that shaded Malik's ex Perrie Edwards.)
Click ahead to relive the Teigen Twitter greatness in its chronological glory.

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