Chrissy Teigen Just Got Caught Hilariously Trolling Applebee's On Twitter

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You know that moment when you’ve been badmouthing someone and you turn around only to find they’ve been standing behind you the whole time and heard everything? Yeah, it’s uncomfortable, and it makes you feel SO bad. No matter how sweet you normally are, chances are this has probably happened to you at least once in your life because let’s face it, nobody’s perfect. Not even Chrissy Teigen.
Recently, Teigen went on a bit of a Twitter tear at the expense of Applebee’s. Last night, she started by tweeting, “applebee’s is literally begging to give away their food.”
To that, many of her followers responded with their feelings about the restaurant chain. Some agreed with Teigen’s slightly negative statement, while others defended the “neighborhood grill” or bashfully admitted that they love dining there.
Chrissy immediately followed her first tweet with another hilarious one mocking the chain’s insane deals. She wrote, "'10 entrees and 5 apps for 44 cents'- applebee's" The supermodel turned cookbook author and television host finally did what she does best and called it like it is, with one final tweet about the chain: "plz everyone eat at applebee's they are desperado."
For the sake of the story, it’s important for us to point out that Chrissy Teigen didn’t tag Applebee’s in any of these tweets. Teigen sure knows better than to draw attention to her shit talk. Still, since she’s pretty famous, especially on social media, the restaurant took notice, and as you can imagine, it was awkward.
Not even a minute after Teigen sent out these tweets, Applebee’s followed her. And she reacted with just one word.
Yeah, when you’re caught in a situation like that, the only thing you can do is say, “fuck” and call it a night.

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