Zayn Malik's Mom Just Shaded One Of His Exes On Instagram

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Moms can be so embarrasing and not even realize it, especially when they think they are helping a situation. Just ask Zayn Malik. The singer's mom, Trisha Malik, recently posted a photograph of a blossoming bouquet of flowers she received from her son and his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. The couple sent the arrangement to congratulate Trisha on opening a new beauty salon in Bradford, England with the help of Zayn's sister, Doinya. The sentiment was so sweet that Trisha immediately shared a snap of the flowers on her Instagram page, as Seventeen writes. She captioned the photo: "From my sonshine and gigi love them" along with a few emojis.
But now, the photo has been deleted and major drama is stirring because of a particularly shady message Trisha liked in the comments section regarding her son and his ex-fiancée, Little Mix's Perrie Edwards. (Perrie and Zayn dated early in their careers, got engaged, and then dramatically split in 2015 — Zayn broke it off via text, according to Perrie.)
So, what did Trisha like that has the One Direction/Little Mix universe in a tizzy? It's pret-ty intense. A commenter wrote: "Pls he broke up with her for a reason. Also 'I think he knew she don't love me'...says a lot. Also she basically admitted to never loving him and the way she's been acting about him says a lot. And Gigi knows that Zayn needs support and praise bc of his anxiety. she's always there for him and the way she talks about him with so much love and admiration while all P could say is to call Zayn a freak [sic]." And Trisha tapped that heart. Her liking that statement could be read as some sneaky shade to Perrie since it clearly disses the singer. But, knowing moms, she probably only liked it because of the nice things said about her son's current girlfriend, not the meaner things.
Then, just to confuse everyone, Trisha continued to respond to other comments asking about Perrie. Seventeen points out that to one fan, she wrote: "I honestly don't have anything against Perrie, I never have n I never will. This is the reason I don't come on to social media, because everything u do always gets blown up in to some big drama. I didn't like this comment ,I must of pressed it by mistake as I was going through them, so please don't say things about me that r not true [sic]."
So, does she like Perrie or not? This is all very messy! So messy, in fact, that Trisha deleted the picture. But not without fans taking screenshots to use as receipts.
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