There’s A 2,000-Person Wait List For This Body Cream

We all know cult beauty products sell out fast — like faster than my finger can swipe on Bumble fast. While the sheer satisfaction of discovering universally-loved formulas is great, there's one major downfall: the wait lists.
Nowadays, if a product is sold out, you can often sign up for an email notification list to alert you when the covetable product is back in stock. You may assume you're just a number on a short list — so no big deal, right? Wrong. Oftentimes, the lists can get well into the thousands, with beauty fanatics pining for the same exact thing you desperately need atop your vanity. Naturally, it seems that the better the product, the longer the list. Our latest discovery? A body cream with over 2,000 people trying to get their hands on it, according to Stylecaster and The Zoe Report.
Now, we knew body cream was incredibly necessary — no one likes flaky skin — but not 2,000 people long. Is this body cream the one formula we all had no idea we really needed? Maybe. When it comes to our daily skin-care regimen most of us are focused on what's going on our faces, like serums with antioxidants, oils with retinol, liquids packed with vitamin C, and the like. But this mile-long wait list is making us think we should be paying more attention to the skin south of our necks.
So, what's the body body product that's causing all the commotion? Ever’s Lavish Ultra Rich Body Butter. The luxe formula looks to do everything your night cream does, but in a larger tub and a thicker formula that smells, to be honest, kind of like a cookie. The butter's contents? Jojoba and cocoa butter to moisturize, cold-pressed kiwi and cranberry seed oil to tighten and firm, and sea buckthorn for your daily dose of topical antioxidants. Sounds legit, yes, but how necessary? Jury's still out on that one, but for now, we'll stick to our regular routines.
Are you willing to shell out $42 for the 4.6-ounce tub — and wait for it to arrive? Let us know in the comments below.
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