Do These 13 Reasons Why Characters Have Tattoos IRL?

Photo: Courtesy Of Netflix.
By now, we've all heard of the phenomenon that is 13 Reasons Why. The YA novel turned addictive Netflix-series has infiltrated our lives and we're not mad about it — not one bit. Besides the powerful message it sends on the effects of bullying, depression, and self harm, there are a few other reasons why we can't stop thinking about the show. For one, the plot holes and cliffhangers we still need answered: Why was Seth lurking outside of Monet's after Hannah's wake? How did Hannah and Zach have a summer fling without anyone ever knowing? And, most importantly, how the hell do these teenagers have so many tattoos?
You may have noticed the ink when you first met Tony Padilla, Justin Foley, and Skye Miller. And as far as we know, most high school students are not rocking that much ink under the age of 18. Keep in mind, the show is set in Northern California. The state law requires anyone under the age of 18 to have a parent present for such body modifications — and we highly doubt Tony’s father would have let several massive tattoos be etched onto his son’s body before he even graduated high school.
Naturally, we assumed the obvious: They must just be real tattoos the makeup artists didn't bother to cover. Not quite. According to PopSugar, the costume department added the majority to characters Justin and Skye, begging the question: Which of the cast has tattoos in real life? Ahead, the answers you've been waiting for...

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