The Evidence Bags In 13 Reasons Why's Season 3 Opening Credits Tell A Story, Too

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Warning: Spoilers are ahead.
Netflix's hit teen series is called 13 Reasons Why, each season has 13 episodes in it, and each episode has one main gimmick to it. And in season 3, none of that has changed.
13 Reasons Why season 3 now continues the tradition of 13 things (tapes in season 1, polaroids in season 2) with evidence bags in the new 13 Reasons Why open credits sequence. As everyone tries to get to the bottom of Bryce Walker’s (Justin Prentice) murder, the opening title sequence of each episode shows us one critical piece of evidence as we try to figure out who killed Bryce.
If you’re scratching your head wondering about this because you didn’t see any evidence bags at the beginning of each episode, it’s because Netflix takes the liberty of skipping the intro if you’re binging the season. But doing this means you’re missing some important stuff!
Season 3 is told through a series of intertwined flashbacks as new student Ani (Grace Saif) is seen talking to the police, explaining everything she knows about her new group of friends and their interaction with Bryce. Each episode essentially works to prove one person is innocent in this season-long case, but it’s all easier said than done as everyone has had some small (or big) part to play in Bryce’s death.
The opening credit sequence is basically the same one we’ve been watching since Season 1 — except now we see Clay (Dylan Minnette) and Justin (Brandon Flynn) in the Prius, Ani on the bike, and a new evidence bag each episode. Here's what each one means, and who it either helps or hurts, in the end.
Episode 1: Clay’s Bike Lock
Bryce is dead, and because Clay has a major vendetta against him, he’s almost immediately taken in for questioning. It only makes matters worse that Clay’s bike lock is discovered in Bryce’s room.
Episode 2: The Lucky Rabbit Foot
Following the trials, and her abortion, Chloe (Anne Winters) has transferred schools. It’s also revealed that Chloe and Zach (Ross Butler) became good friends following her fallout with Bryce. During the prior school season, Chloe was actually assigned to Zach as his “official cheerleader” for the spring workout period and he kept Chloe’s lucky rabbit foot on his bag.
Episode 3: Bryce’s Note To Jessica
Trying to redeem himself, Bryce has been attempting to talk to Jessica (Alisha Boe) about what happened, even going so far as to write her an apology note. However, Jessica doesn’t care about his apology anymore.
Episode 4: Tyler’s Gun
Remember how last season ended with an almost school shooting? Following that, Clay and Tony (Christian Navarro) get rid of Tyler’s (Devin Druid) guns, but he reveals that he kept one just in case. When Bryce’s body is first found the newspapers believe that he was shot, but that’s later disproven. Tyler gets rid of his last gun.
Episode 5: Alex’s Steroids
Following his attempted suicide back in season 1, Alex (Miles Heizer) is still recovering. With Zach’s help, he decides to start working out when another guy offers to give him steroids to speed things up. Eventually, Alex turns to Bryce for steroids, but he only bought from him once.
Episode 6: Bryce’s Parents' Divorce Papers
Bryce’s parents are going through a messy divorce, and Bryce’s dad is literally paying him to stay away (even though his dad now lives down the street). Mr. Walker also has a secret 12-year old daughter named Kaitlin which Bryce kept to himself and wasn’t used in the divorce settlement.
Episode 7: Ani’s Underwear
Ani and her mom are actually living with Bryce (because Ani’s mom is Bryce’s grandfather’s nurse), and Ani and Bryce begin to grow closer. They then start sleeping together, something that is incredibly unsettling for Clay.
Episode 8: Mr. Porter’s Journal
In a strange and weird twist, Mr. Porter (Derek Luke) is back and he's now working as Bryce’s therapist. He gives Bryce a journal so he can start working through his emotions, and it works ever so slightly.
Episode 9: Justin’s Pills
Justin was addicted to heroin in season 2, and he’s trying to quit his addiction. Bryce steps in to help and gives Justin oxycodone in hopes of slowly weaning him off of it.
Episode 10: Tony’s Car Keys
As if season 3 isn’t heavy enough as it is, Tony’s family is deported. It’s later revealed that the Walker Family's lawyers were the one who told ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) about Tony’s family. Tony sells his car to Bryce, and Tony uses those funds to try and keep his family here. Bryce later tries to give the Mustang keys back to him.
Episode 11: Clay’s Phone
Clay is still the number one suspect for this murder, and his phone is later confiscated by the police so they can hear a phone message Mrs. Baker (Kate Walsh) left him, and also try to pinpoint his location using cell towers.
Episode 12: A Paint Can From The Homecoming Protest
The beginning of the season opens with a shot of Ani trying to get a red stain off her shirt. We all assume it’s blood. It’s actually red paint that was used during the protest at Liberty High School's Homecoming game.
Episode 13: Bryce’s Confession Tape
Bryce, still trying to redeem himself, records a tape of him confessing to raping both Jessica and Hannah (Katherine Langford), which he gives to Jessica right before he dies. Jessica plays the tape for a few others to hear, but will the audio go wide in 13 Reasons Why season 4?

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