Every Bryce Walker Murder Suspect On 13 Reasons Why Season 3

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Warning: There are spoilers from 13 Reasons Why season 3's ending ahead.
The first season of 13 Reasons Why was about learning why Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) chose to end her life. It was a murder mystery, just in reverse. The third season of the series returns to this whodunnit concept, albeit in a completely new way. At the beginning of 13 Reasons Why season 3, Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice) is found dead in the river. As clues and evidence pile up, makeshift investigators Ani (Grace Saif) and Clay (Dylan Minnette) learn that everyone had a reason to want Bryce dead.
Over another 13 episodes, season 3 unpacks the motives of everyone at Liberty High, and beyond, who could have been behind the murder. Was it Jessica (Alisha Boe), seeking revenge on her rapist? Montgomery (Timothy Granaderos) looking to hide a secret? Since Bryce was far from a good person, the list of who could have hated him enough to kill him is pretty long. But if everyone wanted Bryce gone...who made it happen?
Click through to untangle this web of suspects, and find out who really killed Bryce and why.

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