This 5-Year-Old Schools Us All With Her Unicorn Makeup Tutorial

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We're all in with unicorn everything, including makeup. But what's a person to do when you've got a drawer full of shiny, shimmery highlighter and seafoam-colored lipgloss and no idea what to do with it? Don't worry, Charli Rose has your back. No, not the Charlie Rose, host of Charlie Rose: The Week on PBS, who does serious interviews at a serious roundtable (although he could maybe use a little unicorn sparkle in his life.) The Charli Rose in question is a 5-year-old pint-sized powerhouse, who knows her way around a unicorn lash makeup brush.
Rose has her very own YouTube channel. According to her bio, she's a Gap Kids model and loves trampolines and her puppies. She's also just done a unicorn makeup tutorial using Tarte Cosmetics new line. Rose not only mesmerizes you with the cuteness but also with her legit makeup skills.
She doesn't skimp on the skincare, first starting with a layer of moisturizer. Next, she's on to the shaping tape which she applies using a SiliSponge. You know, like a pro. The sparkly highlighter and shimmer are the perfect complement to any unicorn's makeup routine. Rose leaves the best for last. Her grand finale is the application of a seafoam green lip gloss. It takes a little work, but the green pucker at the end makes it all worth it. Come for the unicorn makeup, but stick around for Rose. Her excitement is infectious. "Oh my gosh, guys," she says. "This glitter smells like candy!"
Makeup and kindergarten might not go together. But who can resist the charm of the unicorn? The better question is: who wants to? Just like little Charli Rose, give yourself a thumbs up, a wink to the camera, and get busy with that glitter.
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