14 Burning Questions We Have About 13 Reasons Why Season 2

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We’ve fully binged 13 Reasons Why and we can't stop thinking about it. The teen drama follows high school boy Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) after he receives 13 tapes from his late crush Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), who committed suicide. The tapes detail the 13 people in Hannah’s orbit who had a hand in her decision to end her own life.
We start out the Selena Gomez-produced series with countless unknowns, like who’s on the list and what could mild-manned Clay have done to end up pushing Hannah towards tragedy. After 13 episodes, we have those answers, but are left just as many new questions. Thankfully, Netflix has officially renewed its latest hit for an upcoming season 2.
As we’re here waiting to see more of Hannah and Clay’s world in 2018, we’ve come up with the biggest conundrums left in the wake of the season 1 finale. Scroll through the gallery to see what we can’t stop wondering about.
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Is There A School Shooting Coming Up Next?

13 Reasons Why set up a very haunting possible future in the finale’s final moments. In one of the last times we see Tyler (Devin Druid) it’s revealed that the class pariah has a giant cache of weapons hidden in his room. The arsenal includes at least three assault rifles, two hand guns, and tons of ammunition.

Later we see Tyler hanging up photos of his classmates, possibly setting up his own Hannah-inspired post-tragedy project. The row of images include those on Hannah’s list — like Clay, Courtney (Michele Selene Ang), and Bryce (Justin Prentice) — along with new addition Montgomery (Timothy Granaderos).
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Will Hannah Come Back For Season 2?

If 13 Reasons Why season 2 is about Tyler’s school shooting, the photographer’s flashbacks could include Hannah, since he was "in love" with her. After living in Hannah and Clay’s heads for 13 episodes, we would love to see her from someone else’s perspective.
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Will We See More Of Jeff?

Since 13 Reasons became a veritable hit, Liberty High's sweetest athlete has become the Internet's newest boyfriend. In fact, if you Google search "Jeff deserved better" you'll get nearly 2 million results. That's how much people love Jeff (Brandon Larracuente).

Although Jeff dies the night of Jessica's party, it's still possible the late student would be able to have a big role in 13RW season 2, in the same way Hannah could. If this doesn't happen, Twitter will probably riot, so make it work, showrunner Brian Yorkey.
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Will Bryce Go To Jail?

Hannah’s parents are in possession of their daughter’s 13 tapes by the end of the finale. That means they’ll soon learn Liberty High School jock Bryce raped both Hannah and Jessica (Alisha Boe).

Although the Bakers are only dealing with a civil case right now, it’s possible they’ll decide to hit Bryce with criminal sexual assault charges. The likelihood of Bryce facing jail time only goes up since it’s heavily hinted Jessica reveals her own rape to her dad.
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Will Sheri (Ajiona Alexus) Go To Jail?

Sheri’s secrets could also possibly come to light now that the Bakers are in possession of Hannah’s recordings. Sheri knocked down a stop sign on the night of Jessica’s party, which led to the deadly car accident of Clay’s friend Jeff (Brandon Larracuente).

With the Bakers reeling from the death of their own daughter, it’s possible they’ll share the damning information with Jeff’s parents who are also grieving the loss of their child. Plus, we saw her dialing 911 to report something... Was she confessing?
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Is Everyone Heading To Court?

If either Bryce or Sherri is dragged into criminal proceedings, the tapes — and the 12 people implicated on them — could be tapped as evidence. We suspect Liberty high golden children Courtney and Marcus (Steven Silver) will fight a court appearance with everything they’ve got.
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Will Alex Survive?

Alex Standall’s storyline ends on a cliffhanger as Principal Bolan informs Mr. Porter that the blonde-haired student (Miles Heizer) shot himself in the head, leaving him in critical condition. Viewers are left wondering if Hannah’s high school is about to suffer its third student death in a matter of months.
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Will Mr. Porter Lose His Job?

Mr. Porter (Derek Luke) is listening to the tapes right before he finds out Alex has attempted to commit suicide. It’s implied the counselor is considering turning in Hannah’s tapes out of guilt for playing a part in Hannah’s decision to take her life.

That way he can at least try to end the cycle of trauma at Liberty.
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What’s Going To Happen To Liberty High?

The school has been plagued by student deaths and accidents, and now the tapes can help the Bakers win millions in their civil lawsuit. How can the school bounce back from all of that?
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Where On Earth Is Justin Going?

The last time we see Justin (Brandon Flynn) in season 1, he tells former best friend Bryce he’s not going to see him around any more. Does that mean their friendship is officially over, or is Justin leaving town for good?

Either is possible since Justin is out of places to crash and Jessica's broken up with him.
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Where Did Justin Get His Tattoos?

Speaking of Justin, where did he get all of his Adult Man Tattoos? Yes, some teens have a little ink, but Justin’s shirtless scenes prove he’s basically covered in tats. We know he has very little parental supervision, but we’re having a hard time finding this believable. Also, how could he have paid for them? Tattoos aren't cheap!
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Will Clay Develop A Crush On Skye?

We already know Clay has a tendency to fall for complicated young women. Now that he’s about to spend a lot more time with his former friend Skye (celebrity daughter Sosie Bacon), is he also about to develop feelings for her?

We’re big proponents of the idea that men and women can just be friends, so let’s hope not. Plus, Skye — who’s dealing with self harm issues — already has enough on her plate without worrying about a new romance.
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What’s Next For Tony?

Tony (Christian Navarro) finally agrees to listen to the radio after the turbulence of Hannah’s cassette tapes. But, what’s next for Clay’s best friend is a huge unknown, especially considering how close he’s grown with the Baker parents.

Are they going to be outraged Tony hid the recording from them for so long, or thankful he finally shared the secret? Fingers crossed it’s the latter.
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How Old Is Tony In Real Life?

The people want to know.

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