The One Fashion Trend You'll Likely See In Every Bridal Party This Year

Photo: Courtesy of Etsy.
White linen pants from PixieWontPlay on Etsy.
Etsy has served us well in all of our wedding-adjacent needs: inspiration-searching, décor-scouring, gift-giving (and registering). So, we trust the platform when it identifies the top trends in engagement rings, color palettes, party favors, and so forth. Its 2017 report doesn't disappoint, in terms of aesthetically-pleasing add-ons to the planning process — and it comes bearing good news for those who might find themselves in a bridal party in 2018 and are already struggling with what to wear.
The company's forecast for 2017 weddings included some surprising observations, like an increased interest in colorful bridal gowns (as opposed to the traditional white) and non-diamond jewelry — a trend we've seen manifest outside of Etsy's marketplace, too. However, it also threw in a prediction for 2018 that we've been rooting for for some time now: Finally, bridesmaid jumpsuits will get the limelight they deserve.
Etsy noted that high-profile, pantsuit-clad brides like Solange Knowles in 2014 and Lauren Morelli just a few weeks ago have shifted the perception of what one should or shouldn't wear on the big day. While the majority of women still chose to wear gowns to their weddings, according to the 2016 American Wedding Study survey by Brides, Dayna Isom Johnson, the platform's resident trend expert, told Fashionista that some brides might opt to flip the script on what they ask their party to wear. This could range from a proper one-piece to a tuxedo or just a matching top and trouser — as long as it sticks with a cohesive theme, Etsy clarified in its report.
Photo: Courtesy of Etsy.
Bridal jumpsuit from RebeccaSchoneveld on Etsy.
Photo: Courtesy of Etsy.
Bridal pantsuit from Loveybyisha on Etsy.
The tides also appear to be turning for the color stories bridesmaids are asked to stick to: According to Johnson, "white bridesmaids dresses" has recently become a more popular search term on Etsy, as brides opt for non-white gowns and ask their party to then fill in that tradition, Fashionista reports. If you need some inspiration for where to begin on your search for the perfect wedding jumpsuit, you can sift through the marketplace's edit.

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