There's A Problem With The Models This Retailer Used For Its Plus-Size Collection

California-based retailer Fashion Nova has gotten a lot of flack for its plus-size section, and it's not the clothing itself that's rankling people. (Although, there has been criticism about how accurately and adequately sized its plus offerings are.) Fashion Nova's plus-size and curve selection is shown on its site on straight-sized models (with, in some cases, body proportions that look very Photoshopped). The retailer got critiqued on Instagram recently for its casting choice, as Yahoo Style reported.
Plus-size model Tabira Majors posted last week about about the disconnect between the clothing sizes being sold and the models said clothing is advertised on. "@FashionNovaCurve, why do you use size 2 models to represent your plus size line? #questionsthatneedanswers," Majors wrote.
Majors' post has struck a chord, clearly: There are almost 300 comments, and it's amassed nearly 15K likes thus far. Commenters thanked Majors for shedding light on the retailer's misleading imagery, calling the choice of models "deceiving" and sharing their equally dissatisfied, "confused" reactions.

@fashionnovacurve why do you use size 2 models to represent your plus size line? ? #questionsthatneedanswers

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The retailer is based in L.A. and currently has five locations in Southern California. Despite its misrepresentative models, the brand has touted its size inclusivity in the past. Many of Fashion Nova's designs look very Kardashian-Jenner-esque, and so do its models, in fact. (Kylie Jenner has actually posted #sponcon of herself donning the brand's jeans; the shot in question was scrutinized by her followers for being egregiously photoshopped.)
"At Fashion Nova we believe that all women should dress confident and sexy regardless of their weight," according to a release that a rep for the retailer shared with Refinery29, noting that the site doesn't have separate product pages for plus- and straight-size items. "The clothes we offer for regular and plus sizes are the same outfits, not separate lines, like most other companies do; we believe that our clothing empowers women of all sizes...In fact, we plan to offer all styles in plus by the end of 2017."

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