Rebecca Traister's New Book About Female Anger In Politics Is Exactly What We Need Right Now

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Time to call your book club (or maybe even your coven), because Rebecca Traister is coming out with a new book. According to Publisher's Marketplace, the author of Big Girls Don't Cry and All The Single Ladies has a new title on the way, and it's exactly what we need right now.
The Furies (which was another term for Erinyes, the Greek goddesses of vengeance and retribution) is appropriately all about female anger as it pertains to politics. Take what happened recently when Sean Spicer told reporter April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks to stop shaking her head, or the studies that have come out about how female anger is perceived. It's a problem.
Marketplace describes the upcoming work as "an examination of women's anger as both politically problematic and catalytic: from Shirley Chisholm's 1972 campaign to Anita Hill's 1991 testimony to Hillary Clinton's loss."
Traister has spoken about this before: "It wasn’t just that white Americans voted Republican, which they usually do," she wrote in New York Magazine after Hillary Clinton's loss. "It’s that they chose a uniquely unqualified candidate who openly sold himself on promises of resistance to and revenge on the women and people of color who were poised to exert a historic degree of power."
Power is another one of the author's beats, and she dove further into the concept during a Facebook Live event with Refinery29 back in August before the election.
"This year it's projected there will be more unmarried women in the electorate than married," she pointed out. "Many of us are not living in the confines of that original construct of adult, female life."
"We don't know how white men will respond a lady in charge," fellow panelist Aminatou Sow said.
"We do know how," Traister warned. "This is how we got Trump."
Long story short (but actually hopefully long, since Traister's words are so important), this book sounds like exactly we need after an election that was especially crushing for women and other marginalized communities. Traister has yet to release any more details, so we don't know exactly when the book will be coming out. However, we've already reserved a spot on our bookshelves for when it's ready.

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