You Don't Need To Wait For Halloween To Wear This Unicorn Face Mask

Photo: Courtesy of BioBelle.
The all-unicorn-everything trend may be a relatively new (and completely out of control) beauty craze, but humans have been obsessing over the one-horned creatures for as long as natural history has been in writing. Unlike some Greek historians, we’ve since confronted the reality that they probably do not, in fact, exist, but that still hasn’t gotten in the way of us giving anything we can get our hands on a unicorn-inspired twist. Makeup brushes, lipstick, nail art, hair dye, eye cream, bar soap — nothing is safe, for better or for worse.
With that in mind, it was only a matter of time before the world of unicorn-themed things to put on your face started to overlap with another trend that seemingly no beauty lover can get enough of: sheet masks. According to WWD, BioBelle, a line that markets solely in adorably named sheet masks like #IWokeUpLikeThis and #Decadence, will soon launch the #UnicornGlow iteration of its signature product — and it’s holographic.
That’s right: The biodegradable mask, which is infused with cocoa, mulberry, and honey, promises “pure radiance,” but no hydrating ingredient can hold a candle to the fact that it’ll make skin appear holographic while you wear it. Sure, it won’t give your complexion the otherworldly sheen of an actual unicorn once you take it off, but it will up your selfie game to the next, most fairytale-ready level.
The only bad news is that the mask won’t be available for a few months — but you can shop BioBelle’s other offerings at Ulta in the meantime. We'd recommend a #HappyHour or two to help take the edge off, and make that wait seem a little less painful.

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