Unicorn Manicures Are Here & They’re Just As Magical As You Imagine

Unicorn lip gloss, unicorn makeup brushes, unicorn blush, unicorn highlight...are you over the mystical makeup trend yet? We aren't — which is good, because the prettiest nail art we've seen in awhile is unicorn-themed, too. What's better than sparkles and iridescence and 3D horns? Not a lot.
Instagram is erupting with this intricate art, which is kicking off 2017 beauty in a pretty magical way. News flash: Your regular, old glitter polish isn't going to cut it anymore. But this is. Unicorn nails are the crème de la crème of fantasy manicures — and we're giddy over it.
As you can see above, the 3D swirl is used as the accent nail while the rest are flecked with shimmer and gold. We have yet to see one entire hand decorated with unicorn horns, but it's still early. And if any naysayers claim the look isn't practical, well, show those people to the door — you don't need that kind of negativity in your sparkly, rainbow-filled life.

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