Ikea Made Their Own Iron Throne & They Want To Know If You Would Sit On It

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Queen Cersei is the keeper of the Iron Throne at least for now — but Ikea has made its own Game Of Thrones inspired throne that they hope will encourage you to take a squat. Quite literally.
The Reddit user rpmdebslack shared a photo from an Ikea that is a really big GOT fan. So big, in fact, that the store built its own Iron Throne. This one is a tad different than the one on the HBO series because it's not made of iron but porcelain.
As you can see, it's actually a toilet surrounded by white toilet brushes and the silver holders they sit in. Yes, this Ikea certainly has a sense of humor. Not to mention some serious decorating skills since this is a spot-on recreation of the real throne that was said to be made from 1,000 swords of the enemies of Aegon I Targaryen, the first king of the seven kingdoms.
If this wasn't funny enough, the store got especially punny with its description of the "throne." According to the Redditor, the Ikea posited a question to its customers in French: "Oserez-vous monter sur le trône?"
Photo: Courtesy of Reddit.
"'Monter sur le trône' literally means 'sitting on the throne,'" rpmdebslack explained. "It also means going to the toilet (figuratively). The question is hence: Would you dare sit on the throne (go to the toilet)?"
So, would you? We have to think the couple who just threw the most epic Game Of Thrones wedding would be down with this decor.
This isn't the first time Ikea has tried to make shoppers laugh with a little help from Game Of Thrones. Uproxx reported that last year, after everyone realized how Hodor got his name, an Ikea in Australia trolled their Facebook followers by using his famous last words to sell their Patrull door stop.
Unfortunately, for many fans, it was a little too soon, as one person commented, "I come to Ikea for affordable and aesthetically pleasing furniture/storage solutions not to have MY HEART RIPPED OUT."

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