Chrissy Teigen Got Some Help With Luna's First Birthday Cake

It may be hard to believe, but little Luna Legend will celebrate her first birthday this month — and her mama Chrissy Teigen has already started getting ready for the celebration.
Teigen paid a visit to Duff's Cakemix in West Hollywood for a practice run at decorating Luna's birthday cake. At celebrity chef Duff Goldman's DIY cake shop, Teigen took a lesson from the pros, making a two-layer, pale peach and white cake covered with glittery gold polka dots and rainbow confetti sprinkles before posing with the finished product for a picture that she shared on Instagram. All in a day's work for a celebrity mom, no?
"Thank you @duffscakemix for teaching me to decorate a cake for Luna's upcoming bday! I'll be back to do the real one soon," she wrote. "Get the sprinkles ready."
The practice cake, topped with a number one candle, also featured colorful edges trimmed with mint green frosting balls and sugar pearls — something Teigen was quick to preemptively shut down potential mommy-shamers about. When InStyle tweeted out a pic of Chrissy with the cake, she immediately responded with a disclaimer for said potential shamers: "Just a practice cake! No beads for the real one, don't freak out, fellow moms!"
Why no beads for baby Luna's real first birthday cake? They are, quite simply, a choking hazard. That doesn't mean she can't have fun learning with them beforehand — something Andy Richter understands completely.
Teigen's preemptive defensiveness isn't coming out of nowhere; she is no stranger to unsolicited mommy advice. Earlier this month, she clapped back at Twitter users nitpicking Luna's clothing and emotions. In December, she once again tried to get ahead of the shame-game by prefacing a video of Luna with irritated, red cheeks with a caption explaining that the little one just had eczema. Back when Luna was first born, Chrissy faced the Twitter hate for simply going out to dinner with her husband, John Legend.
This time Teigen's fans have her back from the beginning. Many have already responded to her tweet with statements of support because sometimes the internet can be a friendly and funny place after all.
More of that, please.

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