Moms Reach Out To Chrissy Teigen After She Posts Video Of Luna With Irritated Cheeks

Chrissy Teigen's latest video of her daughter, Luna, came with a disclaimer that has a lot of moms coming to her rescue. Teigen posted a clip of Luna waving hello to her dad, John Legend, who is out on the road. "We miss you, papa!!" she wrote. "Can't wait for you to come home!"

While the Instagram video is all kinds of adorable, Teigen knew that some people would be distracted by the red on Luna's cheeks. That's why she decided to nip it in the bud before she got any complaints. "Yes she has rosy eczema cheeks," Teigen wrote. "Yes we are taking care of it, no it's not a gluten allergy, no it's not our makeup, no it's not from our perfume, yes she's just a baby." Now, Teigen hasn't always had the support of the mommy community. More than a week after Luna was born, Teigen was criticized for leaving her house for a date night with Legend. She was later mommy-shamed for not holding Luna the right way. But this time, her mommy followers were quick to point out how exhausting it must be for Teigen to have to constantly explain herself. "Isn't it ridiculous that you even have to post all the extra things just to shut people up," one person wrote. "And you know they still will say things." Someone else commented, "Can't believe with this society @chrissyteigen would have to explain why her daughters cheeks look the way they are." "Your daughter is gorgeous and you guys are amazing parents," another user wrote. "Don't explain yourself to anyone." Many moms seemed to feel Teigen's pain by making it clear that it's not easy being a parent on the internet. "As a fellow mommy, I love the caption on this," one person wrote. "But so sad that you even had to take the time to list those things because trolls on the internet trying to make every woman out to be a bad mom or point out ANY tiny thing we do wrong." Teigen may just have been trying to keep mommy-shamers at bay, but it seems she's ignited an important conversation that is bringing moms together. It's also helping Luna in the process, since more than a few of Teigen's followers had suggestions on how to help soothe baby eczema, including oatmeal baths and coconut oil. Hopefully, this means Luna's cheeks will be feeling better by the next time we see her on Instagram.

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