These Tees & Hoodies Promise To Last You Until 2047

When British designer Tom Cridland set out to create an eponymous line of sustainable designs, he made sure the earth-preserving longevity appeal was front and center. Or, rather, right in the name of the collection. Cridland launched The 30 Year Collection in June 2015, right after graduating from the University of Bristol, with just one item, the 30 Year Sweatshirt, that, as the name entails, is meant to last for a solid three decades before getting tossed out. "I came up with the idea of guaranteeing our clothing for 30 years to try to encourage consumers to 'buy less, buy better' and not contribute to the endless quantities of fast fashion that end up in landfill," Cridland told Refinery29. He started the collection along with his business partner and girlfriend of seven years, whom Cridland calls "the love of my life who has contributed even more than me to this brand." (Cue the "awwwws.") The brand launched with a single sweatshirt style. Durably-constructed threads that you'll want to wear for years, not just a couple seasons, certainly holds appeal aside from any environmentally-minded connotations, and Cridland really wanted to make good-for-the-earth clothing appealing to "engage the mass market, not just people interested in green and eco fashion brands," pointing out another perk of sustainably-minded designs: "you’re going to save money in terms of cost per wear."
He decided to expand the line after watching the documentary The True Cost, which chronicles the negative impact of overly-fast fashion, by adding a 3o Year T-Shirt and 30-Year Jacket to the mix. Earlier this year, Cridland designed a pair of custom pants for Leonardo DiCaprio: "His attitude to sustainability really struck a chord with us and we had recently discovered fashion in the second most polluting industry in the world, after oil," Cridland said. Miley Cyrus has also donned a couple of the T-shirts meant to be worn for years (and years and years).
Next up, Cridland will roll out button-downs intended to last for, yes, three decades. Currently, the line is unisex, but come fall, womenswear designs will launch: a sweatshirt, T-shirt, and trouser cut for women will debut in November or December, and down the line, Cridland plans to add a 30 Year Dress to the mix.

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