Slam Your Body Down — Victoria Beckham Is Going To Be On Carpool Karaoke

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There's something ineffable about '90s girl group the Spice Girls, in part because they're all pretty elusive these days. Yes, some of them still make music and/or still participate in music-related activities — shout out to Mel B, who starred in the Broadway musical Chicago in February. But others seem to have dropped off the music scene in favor of other pursuits. We're talking about Posh Spice, the well-regarded fashion maven who once admitted that she lip-synched many a Spice Girls performance. It's not that she doesn't acknowledge her past. When she debuted an advertisement for her Target line featuring the song "Spice Up Your Life," Beckham told Refinery29, "I'm proud of my past, and I'm still very close to the other girls [in the group.]" About the group specifically, she said, "The Spice Girls were so much about girl power and fun, and there's an energy that the song brings to the ad; you can't help but smile and dance."
We couldn't agree more, which is why it's so damn exciting to hear that Posh Spice will make an appearance on James Corden's popular segment Carpool Karaoke. The music sleuths at NME discovered that the star shared behind-the-scenes footage of the shoot with Corden on her Instagram story.
Beckham, 42, joins the ranks of musicians like Mariah Carey, Adele, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, and Sia, who have all sung in a car with the late-night host. The segment, which involves a star asking James Corden for a ride and subsequently singing their own songs in the passenger seat, has quickly become the Late Late Show's claim to fame. The skit is simple and very silly — it's just two people singing in a car — but that's exactly why it tends to go viral. It's almost out of character for Beckham, who's known for having a pretty serious demeanor.
"Top secret filming!" the pop star wrote over a video from the hair and makeup chair. Which, er, it's not so secret anymore, Ms. Beckham. You'll be singing "Wannabe" on The Late Late Show with James Corden sometime soon, and we're all very excited. Other footage involves the actual car involved in the carpooling — in the video, you can spot a camera plastered to the windshield, ready to capture all that sweet karaoke footage.
"So we are here, about to film Carpool Karaoke," Beckham narrates as Corden hops in the driver's seat. Alas, the video ends before Posh Spice launches into song. We'll just have to wait until the segment airs to see which songs Beckham sings with Corden. Oh, and by the way, we're still waiting on that Kanye West Carpool Karaoke we were promised.
Watch Beckham's full Instagram story, below.

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