The Year In Carpool Karaoke: Time To Revisit Your Favorites

This story was originally published on March 23, 2016.
When James Corden recorded the first Carpool Karaoke segment as part of The Late, Late Show one year ago, no one could have predicted the viral phenomenon it would become.
The concept of it is simple enough: Corden picks up a singer (or band) in his car, and then conducts an interview peppered with the a few break-out karaoke moments.
Mariah Carey was his first guest in March of 2015, and quickly after, One Direction was doing it, then Justin Bieber (three times!), and then Elton John. The segment also broke a major record when Adele appeared on it. The video of her Carpool Karaoke session became the most watched late night clip on YouTube of all-time. Not too shabby for one year, Corden. Not too shabby at all.
Many people may not know this, but when Corden came to the States to take over Craig Ferguson's role as host of The Late, Late Show, he was already a prominent comic figure in England. It was a risk on both Corden and CBS network's part, but clearly it worked out.
Next up? Corden is wiggling his way onto primetime television with an upcoming hour-long Carpool Karaoke special, featuring Jennifer Lopez, on March 29 to celebrate the anniversary.

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