This Butt Injection Horror Story Will Terrify You

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A woman in Florida has been performing dangerous butt surgeries without a medical license, and her clients' stories are horrifying.
Shatarka Nuby received 10 butt injections from Oneal Ron Morris from 2007-2011, the first of which cost her $2,000, The Washington Post reports.
In 2011, she wrote a letter to inform Florida's health department of problems she was experiencing as a result of the injections. Her butt had grown black and hard, and she was constantly sick. She said Morris was the same person who had already been arrested in what was known as the "toxic tush" case. She'd allegedly been performing these surgeries on multiple women who called her "Duchess."
In 2012, during the investigation, Nuby died of "massive systemic silicone migration" that caused her to stop breathing. Soon after, Morris was charged with practicing without a license and manslaughter. On Monday, March 17, she was given 10 years in jail followed by five years of probation.
Morris pled no contest, which has the effect of a guilty plea without admitting to wrongdoing, and maintains that she's never injected anybody with an unknown substance.
Others who claimed to have received butt injections from Morris spoke in court about the unwanted side effects they experienced. One said Morris used super glue and cotton balls to seal her patients' buttocks.
"You gave us your word that the products you was using was A-1 products. And come to find out they were not," said another named Kisha Jones. "Maybe in the beginning, but greed really took over, because you was pocketing the money from every victim."
Butt surgery was the fastest-growing type of plastic surgery in 2015, with butt implants increasing by 36% since 2014 and butt lifts going up by 28%. Those who get these procedures on the black market risk silicone infections and other complications resulting from the unknown substances introduced into their bodies.

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