Anastasia Just Dropped The Highlighter Palette Of Your Dreams

Update: Earth to beauty fans: The time to scoop up Anastasia Beverly Hills' otherworldly Glow Kit is finally here. Ready to get lit? Head to the brand's website now, before it floats off into the stratosphere forever.
This story was originally published on March 28.
There are two types of people in the makeup world: Those who occasionally get down with a few swipes of skin shimmer, assigning it the "if I have time" slot in their routine, and those who live and breathe the highlight, treating it with the same respect as all other basic human needs, like shelter and water. (There are also people who hate highlighter all the time, but we're not concerned with them at the moment.) No matter which camp you fall in, we bet you can agree with us on this: Anastasia Beverly Hills' coveted Glow Kit has the power to change everything.
We discovered it and began slapping lilac atop our cheeks. Giving the compact a starring role in graduation photos. Begging Susan Miller for a sign that maybe — just maybe — we could expect another six-pan palette in the future. Well, the time has come. The brand just announced the latest product we can turn to for that Con Edison glow: the Aurora Glow Kit.
The shade names are almost as otherworldly as the metallic pigments themselves: Spectra (a muted plum) could double as your new smoky eye secret weapon; Eclipse (a rosy champagne) lends your skin the subtlest hit of sheen; Orion (a sky blue) swipes on with mirror-like shine; Luna (a moody lilac) is a deeper version of your favorite lavenders; Lyra (a peachy coral) has equal parts red and blue undertones to flatter any complexion; Helia (a yellow-gold) is just as iridescent as it looks. Even better, the copious amounts of shimmer make the hues so reflective, it's like walking around with your own personal lighting team — each shade responsible for adding juuuuust the kind of dimension any room you're in would require.
If you need more proof that the future is bright, this is it: You can pick up your own Aurora Glow Kit on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website starting April 4.

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