Keeping Up With The Kardashians Episode 3 Recap: "The Aftermath"

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This week's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is called "The Aftermath." It is the first episode following Kim's robbery in Paris. Last week was hard to watch but felt more authentic than the show has been for a while. Kim's honesty and her and her family's fear were genuine, even on a show carefully prepped and packaged for its audience.
Khloé is the first to face the public after the robbery, with an appearance on Ellen. She's nervous about being the first one out. Kris reassures her. Ellen, of course, asks how Kim is doing. "She's not doing that great," Khloé says. Kris gives Khloé props for handling the situation well; then they have a strange conversation about warnings from beyond. Strange because Kim apparently had the same Blackberry for 10 years and strange because Kris believes that Robert Kardashian was sending her a warning with an alarm. Kim never set the alarm on her Blackberry, and it went off randomly the morning before the robbery. Two days later, according to Kris, Khloé and Kylie had a session with Tyler Henry, the Hollywood Medium (and the star of his own E! show) where they learned that their father sends them messages through false alarms. Kris is convinced of this coincidence. Khloé doesn't seem to buy into the theory. "Life is so crazy and so unpredictable," Kris says.
It is time for a big family dinner. It's all gluten and dairy-free since everyone is at Kourtney's house. Even Rob and Chyna show up. Security is the topic on everyone's mind. Kourtney is talking about tinting a window on the front of her house that faces the street. Kim warns Rob and Chyna about posting Rolexes and other "flashiness" on Instagram. Kim then discovers a Kim Kardashian Halloween costume online. She's hurt by that and by comments from people online that say the robbers should have killed her. "It's really traumatizing," she says.
Kim's robbery isn't the only security issue for the Kardashian-Jenners. At Kris' house, Kendall recounts for Kris and Scott her encounter with a stalker. The incident, when a man followed her into her gated driveway, took place before the Paris trip, but it is top of mind for Kendall because a court date is rapidly approaching. This scene feels out of sequence and awkward. It's hard to believe that Scott and Kris wouldn't have heard this story when it happened. But, regardless, it catches up viewers and adds to the security drama that underlies this whole episode.
Later, at Kris' house, Kim fills her mom in on the latest conversations she's had with the legal team in Paris. She also says she was watching Nancy Grace and Grace feels the robbery is "fishy," but when the TV lawyer says it's an inside job she doesn't mean Kim. Kris is concerned that Kim is watching and paying attention to media coverage of the robbery. She encourages Kim again to seek therapy. She tells Kim that they've canceled Kendall's 21st birthday party. "I don't think anybody needs to cancel anything. This happened to me," Kim says. She also says she's not going to see a therapist. She just wants to "take a minute and do what I want to do." For Kris, the whole situation is, in her words, devastating and emotionally unbearable.
Kendall is struggling with testifying against her stalker. The court process is overwhelming for her. "Is it weird that I feel bad for him?" she asks her mom. Kris is adamant. "You need to show everyone that you're going to act on every single predator."
Kim doesn't have it all as together as she would have everyone believe. Khloé rushes to Kim's house where Kim is having a rough time. Kim is crying and upset in her bathroom. "We have to remind ourselves that this is trauma," Khloé says in her interview segment. "It doesn't matter if people think it's fake," she says to Kim. Khloé asks the crew to turn off the cameras. "We need to stop. I just don't want everything on camera right now."
An incident with Kayne coming home after a concert convinces Kim that she needs to talk to a professional. Kanye used a different staircase and didn't hear Kim's calls of who's there. It terrified her that he didn't announce himself. "I never thought that therapy was the best choice for me," she says. "But I do want to be responsible for my kids and my husband."
Kris is also not dealing well with what Kim and Kourtney call "Paris jitters." She breaks down watching a video Kanye is putting together for Kim's birthday. It has footage of Robert Kardashian and that tips Kris over the edge. "Ever since Robert passed away it's been a huge responsibility and weight to know that I'm their only parent. It's on me." This is the latest hint that Kris feels some responsibility for the events in Paris. Corey is trying to help Kris with the security issues, but she is fighting him the whole way.
Kendall confesses to Kim that she is considering not testifying against her stalker. Kendall repeatedly says she feels bad. Kim reminds Kendall that after Paris everything is different. Kendall, according to Kim, needs to set the tone now. She has to fight through her reservations and take a stand. Kendall takes Kim's advice and testifies. She holds it together, and the restraining order gets extended for another five years.
Next on the security hot seat is Kylie. The youngest Jenner calls her mom in a panic because her security system has been triggered. Like so many of us, her first thought is her dog. "What if they do something to Norman?" she says, upset. Kris assures Kylie that Norman and the dogs will be fine. She is going to send Corey over to check everything out. Kylie hangs up, and then Kris and Corey have a fight about how quickly he can get there. Kris threatens to go check out the situation herself. She doesn't, and Corey arrives on the scene with the deputies to discover a false alarm.
When Corey gets home, he has a heart-to-heart with Kris. "Life and death is not a job. The thinking is not the same. It's not a business deal," he says. Kris says the unspoken theme that runs through this episode. "I can never forgive myself for Paris," Kris says. Despite Corey's assurances about security, Kris feels responsible and like she has to handle it all. Corey finally manages to convince her that she should delegate some of the security duties such as finding new security teams to him. Later in the episode, she thanks him for his help. "Teamwork is everything," they agree.
Caitlyn makes an appearance for the first time this season at Kendall's house. She's checking in on Kendall after her court appearance. "How are you doing with the Kim thing?" she asks, then, almost as an afterthought,"Did you testify the other day?" Either Caitlyn is out of touch and a little clueless or this is another made-for-TV moment. Kendall tells her about the court appearance and says it was intense. She's glad she did it, though, because, "as a family, we have to take action and protect ourselves." Caitlyn's response is priceless: "Well, no one is after me."
The final scenes are of a surprise party the family plans for Kim. Because nothing says supportive after a traumatic event like a giant surprise. At least they do realize that hiding in Kim's house and jumping out and screaming "Surprise!" would be a bad idea. They gather in the driveway and wait for her and Kanye. Kim is surprised and surprised that she is surprised. What does Kim really want for her birthday? Security.
Corey's handling that, so, for now, she can enjoy some fancy cake, balloons, and a replacement "Saint" necklace like the one stolen in Paris.

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