The Lip Plumper We All Should Have Been Using During The Kylie Lip Challenge

Remember the Kylie Lip Challenge? Of course you do. Two years ago, the world was obsessed with full lips — which happened to blow up right around the time Kylie Jenner emerged with a plumper set of her own. Before she launched her first Lip Kit, all Jenner fans were left to do was research lip fillers, over-line, and swipe on an array of tingling glosses. Then, people came up with the seriously dangerous idea of sucking on a drinking cup to score the plumping effect from the suction. After plenty of injuries, that part of our lives is thankfully over. But PMD Beauty is giving the old trend a fresh (and much safer) spin with its Kiss Lip Plumping System.
The latest invention, which will be available in April, is just as it sounds: It uses vacuum technology to create a fuller lip look. The device is sized to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, with a tiny pink suction cup at the top that resembles a small fish. And while it may or may not have looked — and sounded! — liked a vibrator, I decided to take it for a spin at work.
The power button activates the suctioning device, which kicks on a pulsing sensation. According to the instructions, one click delivers a “quick plump," while a second offers a lower speed for a more intense, targeted plump. Needless to say the entire process reignited my lip craze. Before I started, I applied the thick, tingling serum that comes along with the package. Then, I placed the Kiss gadget on four different sections of my lips (upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right). The instructions say to allow the Kiss to pulse 10 times on each side, but that wasn’t getting me anywhere close to where I needed my lips to be. After 30 pulses, however, I got just the effect I was looking for. The end result was inflamed, swollen, and minimally fuller lips — just enough to see the difference, without the discomfort that often comes with injections.
Normally, my lips are ever-so-slightly lopsided. The vacuum session evened out both sides to the point where I noticed immediately (even if my coworkers didn't). So, while the effect only lasted about an hour, I'd say that having two fluffy marshmallows attached to my face for a full 60 minutes makes it a win in my book.
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