I Tried Hollywood’s New Favorite Lip Plumper — & Here’s My Unfiltered Opinion

Let me start by saying I absolutely hate lip scrubs and avoid glosses that claim to plump your pout with magical, patented ingredients at all costs. For me, scrubs are far too greasy and I don't enjoy the tingling (read: burning) sensation and subsequent dryness associated with lip products that irritate your lips into a slightly fuller appearance. Not today, Satan. In my experience as a beauty editor, the best method for soft, pouty lips — outside of injections — is light exfoliation with a soft toothbrush at night, followed by a layer of thick, hydrating balm. It's easy, and if you're diligent, it works. In fact, the only product I've found that works just as well, if not better, is this new launch from Nurse Jamie called NuKipsRX duo. Yes, It Does Look Familiar
You may have seen this purple lip tool splashed across celebrity social media pages. That's because registered nurse and cosmetic skin expert Jamie Sherrill (or Nurse Jamie, as she is known on IG) has fans in stars like the Kardashians, Rita Ora, and more, who rave about her inventive products. Think: A plastic firming tool and a wrinkle-reducing pillow. Plus, she makes appearances doing procedures online. Even the pros (like Shani Darden, a major celeb aesthetician) go to her. How It Works
The kit comes with two products: a silicone lip brush and a thick lip balm. You simply massage clean, damp lips (although I do it dry and find it very effective, warm water is recommended in the instructions), then smooth on the balm. That's it. The brush is antimicrobial and the balm is free of petroleum ingredients (some people, like me, say it makes lips drier.) The balm also has a hit of hyaluronic acid, the main ingredient in most modern lip injections, though don't expect the molecules to penetrate deeper than a cream would.

So, Does It Work?
Yes — and it's kind of addictive. The actual massaging feels awesome and lips feel smoother and softer after. The balm does one better, adding intense hydration. As for the plumping portion, it makes your lips as full as they'll get without a needle. Which is to say, a little poutier, but not at all unnatural-looking, as you probably could have guessed. That being said, if your lips are dry (like mine chronically were before I started nightly buffing and hydrating) and you use this, they will look and feel significantly better. Is it better than a toothbrush? YES — because you can sit at your desk and do it, prep on the go, or buff 'em in a restaurant bathroom and not look crazy. Plus, toting a toothbrush to buff your lips is kind of gross — it gets gnarly, fast. My advice: Pop this in your makeup bag for crazy-soft lips on the go — and keep the toothbrush at home for pre-bed sloughing. READ THIS NEXT:
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