This Lip Plumper Actually Worked — But It Comes With A Catch

Save for injections, I’ve done just about everything to make my lips bigger this past year. I’ve put on serums twice a day for weeks at a time, swiped on plumping glosses, applied weekly sheet masks, and even overlined my lips for months — a quick phase I’m elated is over. My pain tolerance is embarrassingly low, so with needles out of the question, I was close to giving up hope...until I stumbled across one treatment that changed my luck. If you're keen to the internet sensation of temporary lip tattoos, then you've likely heard of the brand Violent Lips. Its latest product, the InstaPlumper, is launching today — and it's a total game-changer. It works like its sister lip decals, but instead, the sticker is infused with plumping essentials like black pepper oil, cinnamon oil, coffee bean oil, and peppermint. If the ingredient list looks fiery, that's because it is: It creates the exact inflamed, swollen, yet somehow sexy effect I've been after. You use it the same way you would any temporary tattoo: with water, scissors, and some pressing. The packet is $18 and comes with eight applicators inside. Just gently place the paper onto your lips, cut to size, then pat it onto skin with water. Fifteen to 60 minutes later— you keep the lip stamps on for as long as your sensitivity allows — you'll notice the same full look you'd expect after a visit to the doctor’s office. The immediate downside is that, after peeling off the paper, I looked like I just dipped my lips in a bag of Cheetos, which went away after an hour or so. Plus, there was a major tingling sensation that is not as pleasant as the instructions seemed. This treatment stings, burns, and — unless you're used to eating handfuls of jalapeños — you may want to proceed with caution. Luckily, after 20 minutes, the pain subsided and turned into a comfortable numbing feeling. Though my results only lasted half of the promised eight hours, the process was fast and fun while it lasted. So if you're ever in a pinch — or just want to feel a little bit sexier, as I sometimes do — take these for a spin. Keep in mind, however, that if you can’t handle the heat — get out your lips out of the kitchen.

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