Kylie Jenner Responds to the #KylieJennerChallenge

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Update: Kylie Jenner tweeted a response to teens who are plumping up their lips in dangerous ways for the Kylie Jenner Challenge. In two messages, Kylie encouraged people not to mimic her, and instead to just be themselves. Well, we're pretty much on board with that. Read the tweets, below: 
This story was originally posted on April 20.  Kylie Jenner's lips have been stirring up buzz on the Internet for some time now — but, the whole thing has just reached a whole new level. The #KylieJennerChallenge cropped up on Twitter over the weekend, and this thing is stomach-churning. (So, we're warning you, before you click that link, beware that some of the photos are pretty grisly.) To enter the challenge, people suction their lips using a device like a small glass that constricts the blood vessels. As a result, the lips swell and look fuller — much like Kylie's when she over-draws them. Then, in the grand tradition of social media, they snap a selfie, and plaster it all over Twitter. Not only is the physical act of suctioning your lips like this grotesque, it's also risky. One challenger posted a photo after they suctioned too much, broke the glass on their device, and ended up cutting their lip. (See, we told you: grisly.) But, aside from the possibility of permanent physical scars, the challenge is also really mean. At its core, it's making fun of Kylie Jenner and her love of filled-in lips. It's pretty much cyber-bullying. For everyone's sake, can we just stop doing this? Pretty please? We're going to let this Twitter user sum up exactly what we're feeling.

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