4 Sparkly Topcoats That Are Like Pixie Dust For Your Lips

Mermaid makeup, blorange highlights, and Rapunzel-worthy hair — the year's biggest trends thus far have been...interesting, to say the least. But there is yet another beauty craze that's riding on the coattail of it all, and this one is just as exciting. If 2016 was all about the matte, warm lipsticks, then we're calling it: 2017 will be all about the glitter topcoats.
The latest launches come at perfect timing, considering the mystical unicorn trend has been dominating Instagram for months. Only these new products look is less Rainbow Brite and more club kid. Even better, not one, but four of our favorite makeup brands have decided it’s time for a sparkly lip gloss with a cool, unexpected twist.
Think of the finish like you would a sparkly nail polish topcoat: The varnish adds a special effect to an otherwise plain hue. When applied to bare lips, it simply looks like a subtle veil of color that can be built up for maximum impact. If your mouth wasn't poppin’ before, then these babies should get the job done. Click ahead to check out all of our favorite topcoats you should try this year.

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