Corinne Is Bringing Back This '90s Hair Trend In A Major Way

Corinne Olympios may have been cast as the resident villain on this last season of The Bachelor, but the DGAF nap enthusiast and legit business woman who engaged in whipped cream play and advertised a platinum vagine was always more of a hero to us. Why? She's in on the joke, which means she always plays by her own rules — and nowhere is that more apparent than with her hair.
For years, we’ve diligently listened to celebrity stylists as they’ve told us not to curl the ends of our hair — the looser, more relaxed wave is much more modern, after all. And when they’ve instructed us to brush out our barrel curls for a more piecey, lived-in look, we listened, too (and loved the results). But our Corinne? She does neither — and may just singlehandedly change the hair game in the process.
Whether getting ready for a night in the fantasy suite or an appearance on Ellen, the reality star rolls with big, fat sausage curls. They’re unbroken, completely non-textured and giving us ‘90s feels all over again. Is Corrine’s curl MO enough to make you ditch your lived-in look? Check out the best of Corinne’s signature style, ahead, and get ready for a lesson in why doing things “wrong” can feel so right — or at least get you on T.V.

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