These Are All The New Emoji We May Be Getting This Year

Earlier this month, Unicode, the group in charge of reviewing and approving all new emoji proposals, released a beta version, giving us a first look at new emoji. While this beta version won't be finalised until June 2017, when Unicode will release the emoji, the ones that were included have already gone through an extensive approvals process and made the cut. (An initial shortlist was released in November 2016.)
Among the 69 new characters that will be released, if all goes according to plan, there are some common themes. Winter activities have a large presence as do mythical creatures (fairies, wizards, and elves, oh my!). There are plenty of fresh faces, some new people and hand gestures, and some much needed food orders.
In short, these emoji are good — really good. If the timing is the same as last year, most iPhone users will probably need to wait until iOS 11.1 or 11.2 is released in the fall to get their hands on them. But for now, celebrate the fact that, at long last, there is a takeout box in the mix.
Ahead, a first peek at how the new emoji may look. (Note: For most specifically female emoji, there is also a male counterpart, although not all have been included here.)

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