Kate McKinnon's SNL Makeup Transformation Is WILD

Saturday Night Live is home to some of the best writers and comedians in the business. But there's another group of unsung heroes that really brings the show to life: the hair and makeup department. Imagine Alec Baldwin's impression of Donald Trump, for example, without the signature wig and orange cake makeup — or Kate McKinnon's uncanny parody of Hillary Clinton, sans her impeccably coiffed bob. And we're still not even sure Melissa McCarthy played Sean Spicer as much as she transformed into him.
If you've ever wondered how, exactly, cast members can swiftly go from one character to the next, the SNL team is finally pulling back the curtain for fans — according to Mashable. Watch below to see McKinnon transform from Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Shud the Mermaid, a spooky-looking sea creature, in four minutes flat.
As you can see, she's quickly ushered backstage and into the makeup chair, where three beauty pros go straight to work on her hair, makeup, and, prosthetics. Considering the fact that it takes the majority of the R29 beauty team an average of 15 minutes to get ready each morning — a slightly embarrassing number in comparison — we're going to go ahead and call it what it is: a case of some serious TV magic.
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