Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard's Epic Fight Is All Ellen DeGeneres' Fault

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Even repeatedly adorable, constant #RelationshipGoals-giving couples like Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard fight sometimes. Case in point? The pair has been waging a highly-public and highly-hilarious war on Instagram over Shepard's insistence on moving a giant La-Z-Boy recliner into their living room.
Seems simple enough, just an innocent case of differing furniture tastes, right? Wrong! It turns out, we can all blame Ellen DeGeneres for threatening the sanctity of one of our most-needed celebrity couples.
A wee bit of backstory: the pair began their online duel last month, when Shepard unceremoniously moved his massive recliner into the center of their living room, despite Bell's protests (and multiple social media cries for help). Two weeks ago, Bell's clearly unimpressed Instagram made it appear that hubby had won, and the great Shepard/Bell furniture debate of 2017 had come to its view-blocking conclusion.

This is now my view when watching television at night. You can see how excited I am. #2017lazyboydebate

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Until Bell stopped by The Ellen Show to talk about a little thing called accountability.
“It’s my fault. I bought it,” she admitted, before pivoting to point the finger at her host's entirely too-well-designed home. "But also this is kind of your fault and [Dax] pointed that out. Because the thing is, I actually maybe would have gone for it had I not come to your house and seen how jaw-droppingly elegant it was."
Now, their friendship may never be the same. "I can’t come to your house anymore," Bell explained. "That’s the point. I can’t come over anymore. It’s bad for my marriage."
And if it's bad for the continuously charming parents of two, it's bad for us all. Shut it down, Ellen. We're counting on you.

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