Most Of Milo Ventimiglia's This Is Us Castmates Can't Actually Spell His Name

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While This Is Us fans are busy crying their eyes out over Jack, we're shedding a few tears for the actor who plays hims. Turns out, Milo Ventimiglia's castmates have no idea how to spell his name.
This became very clear after E! decided to have a little fun with the stars of This Is Us with a spelling bee challenge that was nearly impossible for everyone.
Ventimiglia's TV son Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin Pearson, couldn't remember exactly how many "G"s are in his name. (There's just one.)
That "G" also fooled Susan Kelechi Watson, better known as Beth Pearson, though, she did end up spelling it right. Ron Cephas Jones (William) came close, adding an "A" in the middle instead of an "I." Kate Pearson herself, Chrissy Metz also got it right on the second try.
There was one This Is Us actor who got it right — or, should I say actress. Mandy Moore managed to spell it right on the first try. Ventimiglia wasn't surprised to hear this. "Yup, she nailed it," he said. "My TV wife nailed it."
Who also nailed it? Young Kate, Hannah Zeile, so clearly the girls have it on this one. Though, props to Chris Sullivan, a.k.a. Toby, for also managing to spell it right from the get-go.
For those who need help spelling Ventimiglia, Moore had some advice: "You just sound it out phonetically." Ventimiglia also has some helpful tips. "You take the ‘g' out and say it phonetically," he said. "That's how you say it."
Don't be too made at these guys for getting it wrong since the show's creator Dan Fogelman doesn't know how to spell Ventimiglia either.
Fogelman shared a screenshot of his text exchange with Ventimiglia about the season 1 finale, which had the guys going crazy over how "heartbreaking and beautiful" the episode was. But look close and you'll notice that the actor is saved in the creator's phone as "Milo Ventimilia."
"Ha! Didn't see that," Fogelman told E! when asked about the mistake. "Put into my phone early on. Hey I got 'Milo' right."
Next time, he should just ask Spelling Bee champ Mandy Moore for help.

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