Dan Fogelman Shares Expletive-Laden Texts With Milo About This Is Us Finale

If every This Is Us episode up until now has promised to "destroy" or "wreck" us, then it's safe to expect to be a puddle of limbs after Tuesday night's finale. A certain amount of drama isn't surprising for any end-of-season episode, but even Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack on the notoriously heart wrenching NBC hit, was totally blown away after reading the script.
Dan Fogelman, creator and writer of the show, posted a screenshot on Twitter of Ventimiglia's real text messages after reading the finale.
“Just read it,” Ventimiglia wrote in the texts. “Holy fuck, Dan. This is gonna be heartbreaking and beautiful.”
"Heartbreaking" and "beautiful" definitely seem to be the most common words used to describe the series, but sounds like the finale will give them a whole new meaning.
"People are gonna go crazy," Fogelman replied. "Excited to see what you guys do w it!"
Ventimiglia, however, is nervous.
"Insane," he sent back. "Think you’re right. They’re gonna riot."
It's hard to think of something more riot-inducing than the tragedy already seen on the show. Either everyone is going to die, or nobody will and we won't find out what happened — that would definitely inspire some people to take to the streets.
We do know a little bit about what's in store. Yesterday, the writers released a page of the script so we could start speculating. In it, we meet Jack before he ever met Rebecca (clean-shaven and everything). A local woman sets him up on a blind date, and he reluctantly agrees.
"[The season finale is] intense," Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin, warned us. "It's intense, man. It gets heavy. Very heavy. This is a different kind of heavy. It's a different kind of heavy. It's gripping, but it's kind of a dangerous episode."
Hasn't this family been through enough?

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