Ben Kisses Rebecca In The This Is Us Finale & Jack Is NOT Having It

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We're just one day away from the season finale of This Is Us, and I'm a bucket of nerves. The NBC drama has already made me cry more than any other series on television (and I've watched my fair share of Grey's Anatomy!) and it's promised to drum up the theatrics for its last episode of the season. According to a Canadian promo for the upcoming episode — titled "Moonshadow" — there's definitely major drama going down between two guys who have zero love for one another. Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Ben (Sam Trammell) finally get into the brawl that we've been waiting for ever since we saw Ben making eyes at Rebecca (Mandy Moore). It's not the fight itself that's the huge deal, of course: it's what causes it. Ben finally kisses Rebecca, and Jack/Rebecca shippers everywhere may be ready to tackle this guy, too.
While This Is Us airs on NBC in the United States, it airs on CTV in Canada, and the promotional material that the networks use for the show — such as their promos for upcoming episodes — is often different. Those of us living in the United States won't get to see the new promo from CTV, but if you happen to be living up north, you can experience the drama for yourself. NBC released a promo that only hinted at what's to come in the show's finale episode of season 1, but CTV's promo revealed a lot more. Specifically, it showed Ben attempting to kiss Rebecca — who did not seem into hooking up with her pseudo-ex — and her husband, Jack, taking a swing at Ben because of it.
Sidebar: Ben is the fucking worst, right? Maybe Ben needs to start dating Jack's equally aggressive secretary Heather (Megan West), because both have no idea how to behave around married people. That's not to say that Rebecca's hubby is totally in the right: I doubt Jack would have attempted to hit Ben had Jack not previously been hitting the bottle.
All of this lines up with what Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin, told E! Online about the season finale:
"[The season finale is] intense. It's intense, man. It gets heavy. Very heavy. This is a different kind of heavy. It's a different kind of heavy. It's gripping, but it's kind of a dangerous episode."
With one swift punch, Jack has officially cracked the facade of the "perfect" husband and father... even if he's still a pretty damn good one most days.

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