Jack & Rebecca's Song On This Is Us Could Be One Mandy Moore Recorded Years Ago

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If Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca's (Mandy Moore) relationship on This Is Us didn't give you serious couple envy, we might not be watching the same show. The Pearson parents may not be perfect — their petty-as-hell fight over Rebecca choosing to go on tour with her ex-boyfriend Ben (Sam Trammell) proves that — but their love story is one for the ages. No TV couple seems better suited than Jack and Rebecca — and every couple deserves their own song. Now, a new fan theory thinks that they've cracked the code on what song will be special to this couple — and it's got the same name as the This Is Us finale.  
We still have one more episode to go before This Is Us bows out for the season (and gives us a reprieve from spending Tuesday nights in a blubbering mess) but one fan on Reddit noticed something particularly interesting about the title of the season finale. According to Redditor StarsHollow1, the title "Moonshadow" could refer to a song — one very special to Jack and Rebecca.
The episode synopsis for "Moonshadow" reveals that Jack will go to Cleveland, where Rebecca is performing, to make things right following their fight. StarsHollow1 notes that there will likely be a flashback scene in this episode, as, according to producer Ken Olin's tweet, Milo Ventimiglia shaved his beard for a scene in the last four episodes of This Is Us, possibly to appear younger. (Which he totally does, by the way. Jess Mariano, is that you?!?) The Redditor suggests that perhaps the finale will be a parallel to when Jack and Rebecca first met — and it could all revolve around the song "Moonshadow."
StarsHollow1 points out that there's already one big clue in the show to suggest ]"Moonshadow" is Jack and Rebecca's couple tune, and possibly even facilitated their introduction. (Who wouldn't fall a little bit in love with Rebecca after hearing her sing?) This Is Us showed Jack giving Rebecca a moon-shaped necklace, one that she still wears to this day.
There's also a huge real-world reason why "Moonshadow" could appear on This Is Us. Though the track was originally recorded by Roger Whittaker in 1967, and then again by Cat Stevens in 1971, the latest major recording of the song was by none other than Mandy Moore herself. She recorded the track back in 2003. Perhaps the song is as special to Moore as it could be to Jack and Rebecca?
It certainly could be... but we'll have to wait until the finale airs on March 14 to find out.

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