Part Of The Script For The Last Episode Of This Is Us Has Been Released

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If the past season has been any indication, we should start emotionally preparing for the finale of This Is Us, like, yesterday. The finale airs this Tuesday on NBC, but Entertainment Weekly published a page from the script so we can know exactly what we're in for when it comes to the story of Jack and Rebecca.
Writers Dan Fogelman, Isaac Aptaker, and Elizabeth Berger said they always knew the final episode would go back to the beginning. Like, all the way back. This page of the script shows Jack before he even met Rebecca, and before he had grown any facial hair — it's hard to say which is more unfamiliar.
The scene begins with Jack fixing the car of a local woman named Mrs. Peabody. The two banter back and forth while also touching on more serious topics, like the war.
"How’d you come back from Vietnam so nice?" Mrs. Peabody asks. "Seems like most of the boys lose their damn minds out there."
"Well. I was just a mechanic," he replies.
Then, for some reason, Mrs. Peabody decides to play matchmaker.
"I wish I had a granddaughter for you," she laments. "Wait a second now... I know a girl I think you’d like! My best friend’s granddaughter. Oh, Jack she’s the sweetest thing."
We can only assume she's talking about Rebecca. She demands to know what Jack is doing Friday night.
I’m really not the type to be set —" he objects, but Mrs. Peabody is having none of it. Reluctantly, Jack agrees.
"You’ll thank me," Mrs. Peabody says. "She’s a total knockout."
Unfortunately, that's all we get. We'll have to wait until Tuesday's finale to learn more, but that's not stopping people from coming up with crazy theories that even the stars of the show can't ignore.
"Oh my god," Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca, said in response to a particularly scandalous theory during an interview with E! News. "No way. People are bananas. That is crazy."
"[The season finale is] intense," Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin, warned. "It's intense, man. It gets heavy. Very heavy. This is a different kind of heavy. It's a different kind of heavy. It's gripping, but it's kind of a dangerous episode."
Get a sneak peek of the script over here.

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