This Nail Trend Is Mesmerizing — & SO Easy To Do

Photographed by Molly Cranna.
Nail trends are forever on a revolving door — even the French tips have come and gone. But even we have to admit that there are some a little too outrageous for us to attempt. (Yes, we'd put aquarium nails, the snowglobe manicure, and pierced fingertips on that list). But on a scale of clear top coat to weed nails, we think the latest trend falls somewhere in the middle: the "tiger's eye" manicure. If it sounds wild, just know that the design is eye-catching — in that realistic, attainable way most people want.
The name also probably sounds familiar. If you’re not instantly thinking of your tiger’s eye stone safely tucked in your pocket, then you’re probably remembering the “tiger’s eye” hair trend. And the manicure iteration is almost exactly the same. Except this time, a range of different colors are involved and it’s blowing up on Instagram and Pinterest. So is there a secret, and can we do it at home? Yes, and hell yes.
To get the marbled effect, all you need is a neutral base coat or a solid jet-black polish. Once you paint on two opaque layers, just sweep an iridescent metallic shade on top to finish off the look — and there you have it, an instant “tiger’s eye” effect. It's so easy, it just might stick. Click ahead for a few of our favorite iterations, and get ready to feel inspired.

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