Naomi Campbell Talks About Her "Beef" With Rihanna

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
Why anyone would want two women as incredible as Rihanna and Naomi Campbell to be in a feud is beyond us. But one viewer watching Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen Tuesday riled people up with the suggestion of a Rihanna-Campbell tiff with a pointed question for Campbell, a guest on the show, about a supposed fight between her and the singer.
"It seems Naomi Campbell and Rihanna unfollowed each other on Instagram. No social media pics or communication either. Is everything okay between the two of them?" the busy body eagle-eyed fan tweeted into the show.
"Everything's fine," Campbell smiled coyly, as if we were meant to think otherwise. "Of course it's fine... I'm an actress now, Andy," she cackled. Cohen replied, "I'm trying to think what the beef could be about."
Then the 46-year-old got real about any purported tiff with RiRi. "I don't have beef," she clarified. "I don't have beef, especially with Black women that I think are powerful. And out there we're all in the same thing. [We're in] the same struggle."
First of all: PHEW. Second of all: what a fantastic example to set for not just celebrities but for women and Black women everywhere. We're all fighting the same good fight, so we're better off sticking together. Campbell's sentiment garnered applause from the studio audience, as well as an (ever-coveted) high-five from Cohen.
But even though Campbell seemingly set the record straight, people watching at home were alarmed by the mere implication of a fight between their beloved kweens. They shared their bewilderment in hilarious GIF and meme form on Twitter. One person joked, "donald trump wont acknowledge climate [change] so im not acknowledging that naomi campbell and rihanna dont like each other." Fair.
Seriously, though: if anyone needs more convincing that it's all love between the stars, let us remind you of their adorable backstage interaction at the MTV Video Music Awards last year. There's also the touching Instagram tribute to Campbell Rihanna posted in August after the model sported Fenty designs in Vogue Italia. The 29-year-old called Campbell an inspiration to young girls everywhere, and said she was "blessed" to have her as a friend, "one that will pick up the phone at any hour of the night."
Read the full message below — and then enjoy the funny tweets alluding to these awesome ladies' supposed "beef," safe in the knowledge that it's total bullshit.
"What a delight to see this beautiful Queen in my designs for @VogueItalia! This is a crazy feeling man! @iamnaomicampbell ," she wrote. "From the very first moment in your career, you've touched and inspired so many young girls all over the world! I was one of them, and to see this come full circle is a trip to say the least! I'm blessed to have you as a friend, one that will pick up the phone at any hour of the night, one that still makes time even when she has none, just to send me vitamins and facial products, or even tanning oil for my vacation lol!!! That's why these photos mean so much more to me, you're a True beauty, One love!"
Remember: one love, people.

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