Rihanna's Latest Fenty x Puma Collection Is Here: What Will You Be Buying?

Photo: Antonio De Moraes Barro Filho/WireImage/Getty Images.
When it comes to celebrity clothing lines, especially those of the high-dollar realm (think: The Row, Kendall + Kylie), deciphering what degree the famous face was actually involved in the design process is just part of the buy. But where a pairing as perfect as Rihanna and Puma is concerned, it's pretty easy to see how hands-on the creative director really is. Her latest Fenty x Puma collection just walked atop the tables of a Parisian library yesterday, and between that and the styling of the clothes themselves (h/t to pal Tom Van Dorpe), it was pure, unapologetic magic.
Similar to how Vetements redid society's most stylish stereotypes last season, Rihanna and Puma brought nerds, jocks, skaters, preps, goth kids, and bad gals to life at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Models could be seen on balconies ripping pages out of books, strutting their stuff down the tables, and dancing to the tunes of Die Antwoord, Dreezy, and M.I.A.. For Rihanna, it was something like a dream come true. "When I was in school, it was always my dream to be able to dress up in whatever I wanted. But In Barbados, it was mandatory to wear school uniform, so I had so much fun this season creating these Back To School inspired looks," she said in the official press release.
In true Fenty form, the collection crossed every T and dotted every I of what Rihanna's own style, and the athletic retailer, stand for: chunky knit sweaters, bespoke collegiate and high school graphics, soccer jerseys that were turned into dresses, uniform-style skirts, velour track suits, crop tops, puffer jackets, and more. We'd be remiss not to mention the pointed-toe update to her iconic creepers, of course, which surely made walking on tables look easy. And details personal to the singer, like Rihanna's lucky number (13) and her birth year (1988), were present throughout. As far as accessories go, expect to see people carrying oversized teddy bear bags and wearing Ivy League-style scarves come fall.
It'd seem, then, that Rihanna has done it again. But are any of us surprised? Everything the Barbadian singer wears — and designs — turns to (sellable) gold. What makes Fenty x Puma so convincing, despite the fact that most of the looks will probably never see the light of public (or outside of the bubble of street style) because they're so impeccably niche, is the fact that both fans and newcomers can envision Rihanna — and more importantly, themselves — in every look. Whether or not they'll put their money where their mood boards are remains to be tested, but we've never seen school uniforms as dope as these. And we're sure the fashion crowd will agree: Rihanna gets an A+.

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