The Last Man On Earth Just Found Out Beyoncé Is Pregnant & Still Doesn't Know Who Her Husband Is

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There's been a lot of talk about how some celebrities are "out of touch" and therefore shouldn't be given a platform to talk politics. Well, some politicians should read up on their celebrity gossip. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, George W. Bush revealed just how little he knows about popular culture — including Beyoncé's pregnancy.
President Bush — who wrote the book Portraits of Courage and learned to paint following his time in the White House — revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he's not so up on today's celebrity news. He hasn't watched Alec Baldwin portray the current POTUS on Saturday Night Live, and admitted that he's not really a fan of TV. But does he know about Queen Bey — also a Texas native — blessing us with news of her upcoming twins? Certainly he must know about that, right?
Apparently not. When the late night host asked the former POTUS whether he was aware of the huge pregnancy news, President Bush had a quick answer for Kimmel:
Nope, President Bush hasn't seen that glorious flowery Instagram post. He also denied knowing the name of Bey's husband, Jay Z. (Presumably, President Bush is still unaware of the father of Beyoncé's children, because Kimmel did not fill him in.)
One thing that he did keep up on was the Oscars — well, sort of. He complimented Kimmel on his opener, and even made a joke about that snafu over the Best Picture win. Of course, President Bush didn't stick around for the whole show. He told Kimmel:
"I watched the opener. I watched a replay of the faux pas."
Well, at least we know President Bush won't be commenting on any acceptance speeches. Given the current state of 2017, that's pretty much all we can ask for from our politicians.

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