George W. Bush Makes Cat Paintings Now. Surprised?

We've all been there: Mom, or great aunt Margaret, or your well-intentioned neighbor bequeaths you with a knickknack that just doesn't quite work. But, because you're a nice person, you keep it anyway. Yesterday,
took us on a photo tour of former First Daughter Barbara Bush's Manhattan brownstone, and just happened to highlight a cat painting made by the artist formerly known as President George W. Bush, just for her. The painting of Barbara's cat Eleanor was a Valentine's Day gift from her father, and it now sits in a place of pride in the living room of her West Village home. Apparently, he took up painting two years ago, and is "an excellent artist," his daughter tells Vogue. Cat art as a token of paternal love? Why not?

But wait: Her dad's love of painting pets isn't limited to felines. George W. went on The Tonight Show last week and explained that art has become a serious hobby, even going so far as to say that it has changed his life. The former prez then proceeded to show Leno two paintings he had made: one of his dog Barney, and one of...Leno himself. So, Dubya now creates portraits of family pets and Jay Leno. Who would've seen that coming?
So, when Grandma sends you that "what the heck is this?" piece of pottery, take heart — and hide the paintbrushes. Vogue

Photo: Via @voguemagazine.

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