The Funniest Comments On Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Instagram

It's been roughly an hour since Beyoncé's announced that she is pregnant with twins, the Instagram post has racked up an incredible 250,000 comments and nearly 3.5 million likes. Think about it — by the end of the day Wednesday, those numbers could quadruple. Quintuple, even! Yeah, Selena Gomez can probably count on kissing her record for the most number of Instagram likes (6.3 million since it was posted in June 2016) goodbye. The fan comments on the post range from hysterical to sincere. There are probably several thousand saying "Congrats Queen," and thousands more consisting of little more than a spattering of emojis and random keyboard mashing. Oh, and there are lots of all-caps and exclamation points. "Jskdjjdkzjzzjzjsjzjsjz no human words!! Bruhhhhh!" wrote one person. "WHY CAN'T I LIKE THIS MORE THAN ONCE?!?!?" asked another. "SHOOK BUT IN A GOOD WAY," an emotionally affected fan said. And, my personal favorite: "WHY AM I CRYING IN THE CLUB RIGHT NOW?!" Here are a few more of the funniest comments. "literally can't breathe she knew we needed this gave us lemonade when we needed it gave us this like kim just came outta hiding but beyyyyyyyy were not worthyyyyyyyyyy" "Red lobster time x congrats love" "YEAAAAAH B, YOU DESERVE ALL THE LOVE. YOU ARE THE BEST SINGER EVER AND WAS SO BLESSED, YOU DESERVE ALL THAT. MUCH OF LOVE TO YOUR FAMILLY. GOD BLESS YOU! Hopefully one of those twins is me" "as just listening to all of your albums when I saw this congratulation I'm about to cry." "Finally some good news in this crazy world." "I too got a notification from CNN just now" "LOVE LOVE LOVE IS ALL WE NEED. AND SEEING THIS BRINGS ME SOOOO MUCH LOVE. Love you" "Please take time off working so the baby can groe" "KEEP BLESSING THIS WORLD"

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