Nick Viall Revealed Bizarre Facts About Himself & His Favorite Snack May Make You Vomit

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The end of The Bachelor is near, and Nick Viall won't be a reality star forever. (So he says, anyway.) It's about time that we really got to know the man who made a triumphant return to the Bachelor mansion following his rejection by not one, but two Bachelorettes. The very nature of The Bachelor means we spend a lot more time with the women of the show than we do with Nick himself. So, while we know that Corinne's favorite food is cheese pasta (made to perfection by her nanny Raquel) we have yet to discover what makes Nick tick. Well, those days are over. Thanks to Us Weekly, we now know all about Nick's bizarre quirks, and his reveal about his favorite food is making me more than a little nauseous.
Nick gave the famous "25 Things You Don't Know About Me" interview to Us Weekly and cracked open his own psyche for the whole world to see. As expected, Nick's list features cutesy things like how he wanted to be a Disney cartoonist growing up. (He used to know all the Disney songs by heart, which, umm, same and also still.) However, in between listing his love of roller-skating and distaste for iced coffee, Nick dropped this bizarre bomb that, apparently, readers are just supposed to be chill with:
"My favorite snack is whole-wheat toast and peanut butter topped with sliced pickles."
Umm, what?!? WHO EVEN DOES THAT, outside of pregnant women in movies? I've heard of weird food combinations, but the thought of ruining a perfectly good slice of peanut butter toast with cold, slimy pickles makes me want to run for the nearest trash can. Because that's what your snack is, Nick: pure and utter trash.
In addition to Nick's weirdo snack reveal, here are five other bizarre facts the Bachelor decided to share with Us Weekly:
"My nickname in high school was “Lunches” because I loved juice boxes that my brother thought were for children’s lunches." Nick's brother is a jerk. Juice boxes rock.
"I like to be the big spoon in bed, but sometimes it’s nice to go little." Not really a fact, but same?
"I ripped my big toe off playing volleyball. Don’t worry: They reattached it." Oh my God that is horrific.
"I memorized choreography from a workout video and performed it at a school dance when I was 15." Please provide the video, ASAP.
"I hate mayonnaise!" Nick is not allowed to talk about gross food, ever.
Hopefully whoever Nick chooses on The Bachelor will be able to stomach his food proclivities. If not, well, I hope she at least likes The Lion King.

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