Everybody Relax: Nick Viall Won't Be A Reality Star Forever

Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock.
Last week's episode of The Bachelor finally acknowledged the elephant in the room: Nick only knows how to make money on reality TV. So, when he met the parents of the women he's been courting, they couldn't help but point out that were Nick to marry their daughters, he didn't really have a way to make money. Corinne's dad in particular asked Nick about his hazy prospects, and sat his daughter down to warn her that she would be the "breadwinner" in the relationship.
Sexist connotations aside, the conversation addressed the fact that Nick doesn't appear to have done much with his career aside from a stint as a software businessman, and stints finding love in front of an audience. Sure, he's slated to appear on Dancing With The Stars this season, but what about after that? What's next?
On Wednesday, Entertainment Weekly exclusively announced that Viall is diving into the male grooming business. Specifically, he and two partners are launching The Polished Gent, which will contain the products he claims are responsible for his good looks.
"Since my mid twenties I have put more time than I would like to admit into keeping a youthful appearance," the website reads. "Most of that time was spent just buying random products hoping some of them might actually work! Sadly, that method resulted in a huge amount of time and money wasted. A handful of products really stood out over the years and I am excited to share them with you."
For now, you can sign up to get "exclusive access" to the brand, but there's no word yet on when the products will be available to purchase. Something tells us, however, that it will likely line up with whenever his Dancing With The Stars appearance winds down — and his cash flow starts to wane. We wish this budding entrepreneur the best of luck!
As for the the final three in competition for Nick's heart — relax! Looks like there's a light at the end of the reality tunnel.

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