People Are Calling Out Corinne’s Dad For His Outdated “Breadwinner” Comment On Last Night’s Bachelor

Photo: Jeff Daly/Courtesy of ABC.
A lot happened on Monday night's dramatic episode of The Bachelor whenNick Viall traveled to the four remaining ladies' hometowns to be sized up by their family and friends. Naturally, the parents and siblings of Vanessa, Rachel, Raven, and Corinne had a lot of questions for the man romancing their daughters (and three other women). But there's one odd comment that Corinne Olympios' father made that caught a lot of flack from viewers. Corinne's father asked Nick about his employment plans post-Bachelor — a perfectly reasonable question. (Answer: still unclear.) But then he sits Corinne down for a serious talk about her future with Nick. He asks, with great trepidation, whether she'd be okay with the possibility of being the "breadwinner" in the marriage. The thing is, it's 2017, and there's nothing shocking about a woman being the breadwinner in a relationship. The idea of a wife making more than her husband is no longer considered to be a deal-breaker. Bachelor Nation took note of the outdated conversation. "Corinne’s dad asking Corinne if she’d be okay with being the breadwinner instead of Nick. Welcome to the 21st century, dude," someone tweeted. "It actually blows my mind that people think it matters who the breadwinner is in a relationship," wrote another. Either way, it's clear that whomever Corinne ends up with will have to be cool with her dropping $3,000 of dough on a casual shopping spree.
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